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Andrew and Mariah Breitenberg

Andrew and Mariah are lifelong seekers of truth. After living abroad in Amsterdam and Cape Town for 10 years, they moved back to the US (with two youngsters in tow) to rejoin their families. Mariah works with flowers, founding and running Gather, a floral design company in Virginia Beach. Andrew is a Principal at Straight Path Management, a consulting firm that works with nonprofit organizations on strategic planning.


Andrew is the Executive Director of our organization. He was mentored for two years by Richard Rohr (2013-14), after which he joined an early iteration of The Living School in Albuquerque, NM. He has worked closely with Cynthia Bourgeault since 2016 and in 2019 came under the direction of Joseph Azize (Sydney)​. 

Chris Breitenberg

Chris is the Chair of Parallel Group's Board. He focuses his life’s work at the meeting place of peace-building and personal and community agency. This pursuit has led him to positions running leadership training programs in South Asia, directing a communications department for an international NGO and working with Andrew on all manner of adventurous pursuits. He currently heads up the national work of Rising Tide Capital, a nonprofit focused on transforming lives and communities through entrepreneurship.


Chris is a graduate of Davidson College with a degree in Religion, a writer of music and liturgy and lover of food. He is a husband to Amber and a father to two beautiful daughters, Mirabai and Wren.



David Finn

David Finn is an accountant and serves on the Board of Parallel Group as our Treasurer. He is a husband and a father and is passionate about truth, conscious outdoor labor and fire building.


Art Ross

Art is a creative professional interested in incorporating spiritual teachings into life. He has logged nearly 4,000 hours in professional camp settings developing learning programs for children at Camp Wamava and Camp Rockmont for Boys. Art holds a master’s degree in branding and marketing from the VCU Brandcenter. He works for an advertising firm in San Francisco.

Matthew Hutchins

Matthew Hutchins is a husband and tree care worker that has always been seeking to go deeper into life. Matthew has found working outside to be a pathway towards oneness with our earth and spiritual work. He loves caring for people and talking about our connection to this world. 


Kyle Anderson

Kyle loves to learn about the people around him and help enable self-expression. For this reason, he has spent several summers serving as a camp counselor at adaptive camps for children with chronic illnesses, as well as working as a facilitator engaging with political polarization and community well-being.

Tylor Alexander

Tylor is a pilgrim on a quest for depth of being. He is a passionate lover of music, baking, and the natural world and has been a companion for others as they embark on their journey towards deeper meaning. He is currently working as a farmer with his wife and three kids in Check, VA.


Advisory Board

We are in the process of forming our Advisory Board. If you have an interest in coming alongside us in this capacity, please reach out.

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