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Family Camp
For every family, an inner home.

Learning to be a worthy life partner and parent, maintaining your household, working at your job, and attending to your spiritual life all at once is a demanding experience. At family camp we learn hands-on how all of this isn't mutually exclusive, but can be integrated, both in our own spiritual lives, and that of our families. Together we work with (and create new!) tools for spiritual grounding that involve adults and children, both in their own right, and together. 


We believe life is our best teacher. So at Family Camp we do life together and feel the energizing presence of other families around us working to grow both their inner and outer life. An opportunity to focus on spiritual development alongside your partners and children within the folds of beloved community.

Children's Work is perhaps the most significant element of camp and every adult attending (whether you have kids or don't) is expected to be a part of this at some point or another. Running a merit badge elective, taking them on a contemplative hike, building things, baking deserts, camping overnight in tents— one of the chief values we espouse for our kids is that they are never "kept busy." We have all year to prop up our habit of plugging them into screens and activities (perhaps even ones we liked as kids more than they actually like themselves). This week we commit as a community to involving them in work that means something significant to everyone. That may be simply learning for themselves that everything they need to build something creative can be found out there in the forest. Or it could be taking on the baking of dessert or even a whole meal for the camp. The satisfaction we all feel when we have been seen and invited and contributed meaningfully to a successful project, is just as impactful, if not more, to our young.

We are committed to sharing other responsibilities among all the participants as well — heading up the kitchen team for a meal, leading the tent camping, digging in the garden, running the courier system, building the bonfire, offering a creative contribution... coming to Family Camp means committing to helping make the whole thing run. We have seen time and again how much truth the old maxim holds:

Tell me, and I'll forget.

Teach me and I'll remember.

Involve me and I'll understand.

If it sounds like work, it is. But what a blessed work. 

General Schedule

Quiet breakfast

Campwide morning meeting, set Theme for the day.

Kids to Children's Work

Adult contemplative sit then to practical work, 


Campwide rest

Adults to afternoon activities, kids to Children's Work


Campwide evening activity.

*Please note that at present, Family Camp is invite only. Please do let us know your interest using the registration link and someone will be in touch with you to have a conversation and answer any questions you may have. We are committed to the absolute safety and stability of the container we create for our families, and so while there is still some room this year, we are only able to register you after a more formal application and/or discussion. We trust your understanding and look forward to the dialogue!

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