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Men's Work Week

Our men's events are held at Claymont Mansion in Charles Town, WV to provide rigorous physical work, spiritual exercise, and the opportunity to grow.

Men's events are built for aligning the mind, body, and heart. They are thin spaces, rich and liminal. At men's events we work: cleaning ourselves of identifications, letting go of our need to be special — to no longer seek, but be sought.


How do we work? With our brothers as mirrors, we practise disciplines like self-remembering, contemplative exercises, challenging physical work, building sacred space, studying spiritual tools and putting them to good use. And no camp without songs, fires and feasting.

This is a moment in the year when we create for ourselves conditions where we may truly examine our inner landscape—the state of our being. Men's Work Week is specifically oriented toward manifesting a shared ground upon which to stand while we search for truth, ask fundamental questions about life's meaning and purpose, and face head-on the pain we carry. We offer a week in which to till your own soil, work on who you are, and plant some signposts on the path. No one will do it for you.

This event is our most popular offering and will fill up quickly. Make your deposit by July 1st to register your place.

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General Schedule

A typical schedule follows:



Contemplative exercise


Break fast, break silence

Practical Work



Teaching + dialogue



Fire + reflection


Some Notes

Caffeine and alcohol are permitted. Other drugs not.

Phones and smart watches are, as a rule, handed in for the duration of camp.

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